Posted by: JCleggman | June 19, 2008

Sushi Heaven

I’ve been meaning to post this blog about Japanese seafood buffet restaurant called Minado a while ago. My girlfriend and I went to New York City for our Christmas shopping for about a week while visiting our friends there. Well, yeah before I got really broke, we decided to do the final damage to my wallet at pricey Minado, which is located on the Long Island (Carle Place, NY), to satisfy our sushi fix before heading back home to Rochester, NY on the next day. It was well worth the trip.

Minado serves a variety of all you can eat dishes including sushi, tempura, beef or chicken teriyaki, barbecue ribs, savory udon noodles, and meaty selections of seafood. Don’t forget about delicious Japanese salad and desserts as well. The bite size sushi allow to try different ones til you’ve had your fill of ’em.

Of course, the “buffet” term may cringe some because of quantity-graded foods that you would normally find anywhere else. You don’t often align the words like fresh and quality together when it comes to buffet, but it really does at Minado. The buffet foods are being replaced constantly before they even lose any freshness just to maintain its high-quality reputation. As a proof of this, I’ve snapped few pictures before having my camera banned (which is quite surprising).



  1. Is it really necessary to torture me with those pictures?

  2. absolutely yes 🙂

  3. Yummy! I cannot wait to go to Minado again.

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