Posted by: JCleggman | June 16, 2008


Ming\'s Noodles

Location: 1038 South Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY

The atmosphere at Ming’s has all the usual ambience of any Chinese take-outs that you would normally see anywhere, but when it comes to the foods… well that’s where it really stands out. Before we get into this, I must have you to know that I usually judge every Chinese restaurants by their General Tso chicken, which happens to be one of my favorite Chinese’s americanized dishes, and allow ’em one-upping each other. As of now, the best General Tso chicken is to be found on the Ming’s menu.

I really really hate it when a wok chef gets the General Tso chicken completely drowned with heavy General Tso sauce, which continue its onslaught over much of the steamed or fried rice that almost always come with the meal. When that happens, the flavor of General Tso sauce can get really overwhelming and losing its balancing flavors. As a frequent customer to the Ming’s, you don’t have to fear it that much.

At Ming’s, they only add enough General Tso sauce for the chicken to retain its own crispiness. Just enough to be eaten in all of its entirety without needing steamed rice to counter the overwhelming flavor of General Tso sauce. I guess it’s only a matter of personal preference whether they be drowned or not. Nothing wrong with that, but if you decide to indulge yourself with a real treat of crispy General Tso chicken, then I highly recommend Ming’s, which has so far one-upped all.

You can check out their own website here.



  1. If you judge Chinese restaurants by tasting General Tso’s Chicken. I gotta try Ming’s.

    I just tried out Chen Garden ( recommended by Alice and Mei. I decided to go ahead with Zhejiang Noodle (my native dish favorite). After tasting, I don’t like how they cook it.

    You have to try food in Toronto. Hurry up with passport, man.

  2. Yeah, I been to Chen Garden and I do particularly like their wasabi shumai. You gotta try it next time, and try different meal also.

  3. JOSH, wake up and smell the wasabi! This is your calling to be a FOOD CRITIC. Thats right, be a food writer and we’ll get to eat out all the time. YUM, YUM!

  4. Haha. Honey, I can’t make any promise. If I can, then I would love to take you all over. It’s always an honor to treat and spoil you with great meals 😉

  5. Paul, try Ming’s lo mein also. It’s quite good.

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