Posted by: JCleggman | June 16, 2008

Blogosphere Comeback

This hermit blogger here will be making a-comeback to the blogosphere after a 2 years hiatus. Where have I been? Well, let me just say that lot has happened since then and has been absorbed by it. I won’t be bothering you with mundane details, really it’s mostly mundane stuff honestly (blah! I’m using too many adverbs here, please don’t mind ’em or my faulty grammar for that matter either). Already a self-depreciating, am I huh?

Anyhoo, let me start off with some topics that might catch your fancy. I could start off with some Asian-themed topics simply because I am simply an Asian guy. I could do the food blog here because I absolutely relish every good foods. I could even try to garner a traffic into here by being more controversial blogger, but nah, I couldn’t dare to do that because it’s not me. I’m sure that by time you’re reading this, you’re probably getting to the point where you’re saying, “come on, what’s your point? you’re mumbling nonesense…” You’re probably right, I am. And I won’t waste any more of your precious time and get right to the point. The point is I don’t even know where to begin.

Ah! I could even do some words playing like this, “my tennis racket slices through the air, rams the poor fuzzy yellow ball over the fence and shaving its fuzzy hair as it hits the court floor at the speed of sound…” How’s that? Nah? Okay hmm.

Sorry guys, I attempt to be a coherent blogger with a pathetic effort to impress those who even care. Thank you for staying with me until the end of this blog. I shall do my best to keep your curious mind fanciful with my amusement. I think I shall do mostly Asian and Food (sometime both at the same time) blogging from now on. Hm.. ah and the movies as well. I love a good lively debate.

Nonetheless… I’m back! *fists to the chest* Word! *grabs crotch* unh!


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